grassroots ideas & tools

Wood-burning indoors is still the cause of occupacional health issues all over the world. Even in Brazil, wood-burning stoves represent an important social technology for cooking proposes since gas prices are high for low income communities.

The Institute of Sustainable Development NGO has already installed more than 25000 stoves across the north east of the country. The project consisted in the development of an efficient combustion chamber that improves thermal energy efficiency and reduce the emission of indoor pollutants.


this topic is related to new ideas collected from world communities, from mud construction infra structures to low cost renewable energy systems, here we can post what we have seen and even how to build our own solar panel or wind turbine in a grass root remote environment!

Bhutan in the middle of two tectonic plates

The Himalayan montains are a very pleaseant place to settle down and rejoice the amazing nature and buddist monasteries of the remote Bhutan, however it is a risky region due its susceptability for natural disaster directly suffering the influence of climate change. Preparedeness towards earthquakes, flash floods and also fires is a major concern of governments and international cooperative organizations.

In 2009 for example Bhutan experienced an earthquake in the eastern part of the country – 6,1 magnitude (US Geological Survey) – being the epicenter located 180 km from the capital Thimphu.

Mud construction is an ancestral engineering technic that is still being applied to build thermal efficient solutions and the knowledge is present in most remote communities across our planet. It looks simple, you just have to know more about which type of soil you have to collect and have a manual machine or shape to design the construction bricks. Then you have to burn the bricks at very high temperatures and wait until they are strength enougth


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