the rural austral africa has nowadays the possibility to CREATE a new concept of community building, with an amazing sky full of STARS..!

The volunteers story in the remote Mozambique – July 2010

This story actually started in July 2010 when the EpDAH NGO team of summer volunteers left Portugal to live for a couple of weeks to develop humanitarian service in a remote village located in the south west of Mozambique, where there is a wish to build a sustainable community.

Malonguete is located 12 km from a bigger village called Mahatlane, being the capital of this district Chiqualaquala, which just placed at 1 km from Zimbabwe. This is one of the most dry regions in the south of the country with many energy and environmental issues, namely the scarsaty of sanitarian water networks and building infra-structures (for example hospitals, schools, communitarian centers, etc).

Community gathering & youth dancing performance

As Engineers Without Borders our trip to remote village of Malonguete aimed the cooperation with the local community in a development low cost engineering project, through the construction of a classroom with the local people.

Project / diving mission specific goals

The project Autarkeis aims the development and implementation of engineering
solutions in a broad perspective of development in several areas, namely building construction and sanitarian infra-structures, as well as renewable energy.  The first part of the project “Autarkeia” started in March 2010 and was concluded in the mid of September 2010 with the construction of a classroom – primary school of Malonguete.


Primary school construction
The community of Malonguete completed the construction of a 35 m2 classroom on the 7th September 2010 with the collaboration of the association Engineering for Development and Humanitarian Aid EpDAH). The room is located in the main square of the village and as the following dimensions: 7 x 5 x 2.4 meters. The indoor space was projected to guarantee the acceptable levels of thermal comfort and indoor air quality to its occupants through natural ventilation by the two windows (1.5 x 0.7 meters and 2.5 x 0.7 meters, respectively).

community building the new primary school



One Response to Autarkeia

  1. Community building in austral africa is a great challenge towards the Millenium Development goals, namely the protection of the environment which is also a human right, depending on the communities actions and the atitutte of policy makers.

    Malonguete is a small village with around 600 inhabitants located in Mozambique, just closed to Zimbabwé, a place where people dreams to build a new concept of RURAL SUSTAINABILITY.

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