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residential wood use in real-life

Programme of seminar “Real-world emissions from residential wood combustion” held in Copenhagen, December 3, 2015.

The titles below are clickable links to pdf versions of the presentations.

9:40 Introduction: Challenges in going from test bench results to emissions in the real worldHelge Rørdam Olesen, DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy at Aarhus University, Denmark.

10:00  Residential wood combustion – Influencing factors of real life behaviourHans Hartmann, Technology and Support Centre of Renewable Raw Materials, Germany

11:20  Wood-burning stoves in buildings worldwide. The global challenge and development of local measures that can help to reduce real-world emissionsRicardo de Carvalho, SBI/Aalborg University, Energy and Environment, Denmark.

11:50  Quantification of hazardous emissions from residential solid fuel burning appliancesMorten Seljeskog, SINTEF, Norway

13:10  Mapping emissions from residential wood combustion in DenmarkMarlene Plejdrup, DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy at Aarhus…

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