Are we the (lost and special) “YUPIES” generation in the world?

Today I woke up with this question while i was listening to Zeca Afonso “venham mais cinco!” a Portuguese revolutionary singer who inspired so many to wake up, to fight fo?r liberty during “Estado novo” a long-run dictatorship that lasted for 40 years isolating Portugal and its former colonies from the world…
Zeca was from Aveiro and during his time he was part of students movements that dialogued with the people through music and poetry like when he sings, “come five more and come to the street to claim against the fascist regime…” or “what is missing is to awake people, it is to tell people what is going on and is to make people alive…” So, much to do at that time, so much to say and so much content in a so simple and beautiful song!!

Now, i asked me, why our generation called the generation of “GYPSYS = special YUPIES” seems to be unhappy? We had (easily) access to education and all we needed from our parents “the baby boomers” who worked so hard to make us happy!!?
Well, according to a recent article about the “Yupies and why they are unhappy”, the author Tim Urban – – describes that the generation born between 1970 and 1990 have too much expectations regarding their future, thinking more about themselves while they do not seek only for economic prosperity like the Baby Boomers, but for personal achievements…

Zeca as a baby boomer sang for freedom for standing his Portuguese family together for their rights to be free and they had a collective goal, a community goal – wherever!
Today, we do not live in a local community but in a global society where the flows of information are so fast, sometimes aggressive and diverse. Today, when I opened the facebook timeline, I have seen pictures from so many lives at the same time in a minute? Actually i was seeing what people want to show to the others – an image of hapiness that most of the time is not possible to feel, like when we were whatching a moon and the starts with a glass of red wine with friends! It seems, my friends, we are not tasting reality but living a projection of ourselves? We are under pressure with technology, but could not we use it in a smarter way where we can be part of a global community of happy youths?
Actually, I do not completely agree with the definition of Yupies, yes, that is right we had much more than our parents (specially materialistically speaking) and they did what they could to make us special – that is human nature – however, i feel we are actually being controlled towards a profitable economy!

We are not any more on the time we could plan and work hard for a sucessful carrer, but yes, we are in the era of opportunities and we should not think we are special (like the author mentioned)… like, if you think you are special becaurse you went to study abroad and you have a phd or so over, we can not expect that life will be easier!! Nowadays, we are only like many others from our age trying to find space and motivation in a globalized setting…

Actually, 30 years, if you do had a phd in something you could be special – you were sure you would have an academic career – you would teach as a Baby Boomer and work hard for a more democratic society…
Nowadays, things became complex and we as the “so called YUPIES” have to think conscientiously about what we are = i would say, part of a local and at the same time global multi-cultural society! For instance in Europe, some of us do not have any nationalistic feelings, not feeling part of a single nation, but part of a regional cosmopolitan environment with different cultures (we want to learn more and more about them!)… Maybe, some of us can feel we are part a global community of environmentalist that want to help the world in some way, by defending global environmental interests, others are more motivated to work on the edge of new technologies to improve our quality of life in the day by day!

There are a lots of people trying to do things even being facing a contemporary conflict of generations where the old and young have difficulty to talk and build something together!! We should be proud we can be part of a global and more holistic world and we have skills to do many things, locally within the global… 🙂


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Low cost traveler and engineer learning and working with commuties around the world; Enjoy very much to meet different people and cultural exchange!
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