The meeting: east and west, Macau e Hong Kong

It was more than 400 years ago when the Portuguese navigators reaches the Macau bay seeking for new adventures and possibilities to exchange artifacts, such as tea, silk and porcelain… The church of Saint Paul is a remaining example of the western construction made by the Juzuits during the 17th century in the historical center of the city. This evidence of the catholic presence in Asia integrates eastern simbolism with its Chinese flowers and Japanese Chrysanthemums on the facade where we can see the image of virgin Maria in the center. The remaining facade of the curch is the only thing we can see today, since the other part was destroyed during a fire in the more than 100 years ago.

Igreja de São Paulo (Julho 2014)

Igreja de São Paulo (Julho 2014)

it was with the motivation of exploring the history of the meeting point of cultures from east and west that me and janaina wanted to explore macau and the near territories in the hong kong irelands. To go to Macau it takes less than 1 hour of you catch a ferry directly from the HK airport. This was what we have actually done when we were back from Beijing and did not even left the transit area of the airport by buying the Turbojet tycket to the peninsula… the check in of the luggage was automaticaly done by that company…

Temple do Largo de Macau (Julho 2014)

Temple do Largo de Macau (Julho 2014)

Macau changed to the new administration in 1999 when the Portuguese and Chinese government agreed that the language of Camões would be kept for 50 more years as an official language in this peninsula. Today, it is estimated that most of the Macanese population is Chinese with a small Portuguese population of around 100,000 people with the Portuguese passport.

Jardim Vasco da Gama (Julho 2014)

Jardim Vasco da Gama (Julho 2014)

From 1999 to the current days, it seems that Macau changed so much that it is very difficult to find a single person speaking Portuguese. When you hang out you can sometimes see some western faces and some Portuguese in Macau say that the number of immigrants has been increasing again since 2008…

Pasteis de bacalhau (Julho 2014)

Pasteis de bacalhau (Julho 2014)

Macau is definitely a dense tiny place with around 500,000 inhabitants that you should experience if you pass in Hong Kong and want to visit unique and charming historical sites, contrasting in the modern city full of casinos, the Las Vegas of Asia that receives more than 50,000 everyday!

Historical and modern Macau (Julho 2014)

Historical and modern Macau (Julho 2014)


The mistical relashionship of Macau with the west is only present in the peculiar colonial architecture and also in the tasty macanese food, where Portuguese flavours are mixed with the african gastronomy from Mozambique and other regions where the diaspora of cultures was expanding towards the east…


a world of of exotic experiences in one of the cosmopolitan lands of China!


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