Two years diving without writting… a reflection about travelling across different cultures…

It has been a long time that i did not talk to you, my dear blog. During the past 2 years many dives happened but i have not write this to you. My reflections today will be a share of general thoughts about what is actually to travel, what do i have as a meaning of traveling…

Starting from the point that travelling is a great challenge not only because you leave your comfort zone, but also because you need to talk and express your self, your culture, even though you are a cosmopolitan being… Travelling is to add and enrich your self being, travelling is the act of opening your heart that does not want to abdicate friendship, that does not want to loose the physical affection with who and what you like, what you love, the characters of your life!

To be more specific, i want to tell you that i fell in love with a women that changed my life and fortunately we did not stop travelling, because we are impassioned by doing that as a way of living! What we are trying to do today is somehow to work and travel across different parts of the world where we can find motives for our research as environmental scientists.


We would like to be part of a global community that wants to work with environmental and social issues and we consider that travelling is the best way to know more about people and their communities… Travelling as a nomad researcher is a way to map humans and transitions from different perspectives, being in touch with an enormous diversity of daily habits and ways of thinking. Travelling is to leave the limitations of daily routines and incorporate and intersect knowledge from “new forms of living”, what actually makes you motivated to change habits…

But beyond the current mobility landscapes in the new generation of couples, we might say that travelling is a flexible discipline to learn new things since you can travel by your self, in any pleasant company and is the place where you can actually meet new people with similar interests… it is the most exciting exercise you can do actually, but why travelling is so much viewed as an empty way of luxurious relaxation or so called tour-ism? I think travelling should be viewed as an educational practice, as a constructionist approach for becoming an ethical human that will be certainly a great performer on the society… among artists, writers, teachers, engineers, doctors and other performers… Travelling is the exercise of being an active observer, a reader of a story that seems that will never end…

For me, travelling is a school where you can visit voluntarily the galleries of knowledge, but more than that, a place where you can really question yourself and know more about who you are… 😉

Travelling is the best exercise you can do when do not know how you can change the world, because the world changes much slower that you when you are travelling 😉

I am one of the many lucky young people that had the possibility to travel around many cultures and i recommend. One of the reasons why i decided to be a researcher is because i would like to travel across cultures and disseminate how things change, how we might change them by sharing new knowledge coming from remote communities through these new generation of cosmopolitan youths…


About divingincommunities

Low cost traveler and engineer learning and working with commuties around the world; Enjoy very much to meet different people and cultural exchange!
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2 Responses to Two years diving without writting… a reflection about travelling across different cultures…

  1. says:

    Congratulations for the article and so nice reflection about our attitudes. This text about how travelling is a great challenge is very inspiring!

  2. Ricardo Tavares da Costa says:

    To travel is to learn, it is to share; to open previously unimaginable worlds, a way to bring down barriers and pre-conceived ideas; a way to help yourself and help others; it can be challenging sometimes no doubt, but is it not worth? It has always been. Abraço

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