Fresh air offshore northen Brazil

Fresh air comming from atlantic sea brings new flavours to Fortaleza. Its being 1 month since I landed in Brazil and we are having a really nice time with time for enjoying and discover ourselves in Janaina´s place

Friends were there in Aveiro helping to pack, Catia´s magnificient hand in the very last moment before my departure to my hometown and Carlos´s gentle lift to the train station were amazing, thanks to this guyes i was able to walk and step on the airbus to the next flight on the other side of the small atlantic pool 😉


No doubts your mother will be always there to support you before your departure, mum was there and gave me love before departure, where my dear cousin Maria was with a souvenier from India…

It was six pm in Fortaleza and I felt this atmosphere for the second time in my life, this time heart was bombing I did not even know what sensations would come to my skin after i cross the laggauge room to the arrivals…

No troubles, pleasant flight, cool beatifull airhosters and good vibrations in the arrival, have lead me to a relaxed state of mind for this very unknown situation. After the cross I tryed to disapear from her view and surprise her, but no surprise, we have tightly hugged each and started a new adventure… 😉

Janaina was showing me her city telling stories about her high shcool and faculty times when she was discovering social changes in a country that is in a permanent mutation. First week was intensive with promenades around Praça dos Leões and the fresh garden of Passeio Público where we had a tasty Feijoada à Brasileira with a sunny sea view!

That week we have experienced the montain Maranguape within a natural park with plenty of water flows and a natural pool…


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Low cost traveler and engineer learning and working with commuties around the world; Enjoy very much to meet different people and cultural exchange!
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