Mitigation of climate change and adaptation to the new challenges

After a run on the beach at the beguining of the summer I can see plenty of people with sun glaces and fency cars enjoying the wild waves in Ericeira. One of the most occidental points of Europe and a wonderfull spot for surf!
Portugal my country looks excited with the summer comming even in a dificult period for the economy. This country really needs to find a path for the future and there is motivated young people doing something. Lets keep in touch with active youths and also involve experienced people, enjoy our live in community and work in cooperation for a more sustainable way of living. What do you think about walking longer distances/make exercise instead of using our cars. Bike could be a solution as well? What do you think about making good food with local products and import less products from far way? Be more self sustainable? 😉


About divingincommunities

Low cost traveler and engineer learning and working with commuties around the world; Enjoy very much to meet different people and cultural exchange!
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