Atitute with nature and respect for our connections and inter-dependence

The stories I would like to bring to you today is something I have been experiencing as an observer of life 😉 From thristy rickshaw drivers seeking for custumers for a good or so and so business to high level polititians leading an entire country all of us are seeking for satisfying our souls or even our ego..? It is good to know what really move us on in life: our ambitions as activits to change the world or just the simple reason of life “fighting for survival and build a family”. Life is complex anyway, but this analysis could help us to discover more what we would like to be, what role we can play in society!

Well what I would like to share with you guyes is that people´s motivation to do something can be dependent of “how much we are willing to interact with others and how avaiable are we to understand even more about ourselves”. Today I find myself asking myself “who I am? and what can I do to improve my relationships and respect the natural inter-dependence of our economies, remembering where do we come from and that we our contact with nature is very important for our active and calm state of mind!”

How do you guyes think about the idea that everyday we have to face pleasant and not so pleasant emotions?


About divingincommunities

Low cost traveler and engineer learning and working with commuties around the world; Enjoy very much to meet different people and cultural exchange!
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