Are the European social structures changing very much?

When I was soaking up the sun yesterday afternoon in Stroget one of the main streets in the art of Copenaghen I had an interesting discussion with one of my colleagues on the rickshaw. What do you think about social wealthy systems that are nowadays facing big changes due to population migration? That is an interesting discussion because in my opinion nations might be awared that social integration is not easy task and policies of some countries are becoming somehow narrow minded?!
You can look at the example of the UK that since long time ago started to develop policies towards a multi-cultural society and London is actually one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world… In Copenaghen the situation is diferent. Maybe because of the lower population density and the fact that Danish is the official language and Denmark did not have too many former colonies the country never faced the same challenges to work for a multi-cultural society.
However, what I see today in the capital of Denmark is that the city is changing and more and more diferent expressions you can see while you walk on the main streets of the capital of Denmark! It seems new challenges are comming namely concerning the progression of the well suceed scandinavian social well fair system. 😉


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