natural turbulence in travelling experiences

The past week my cosmopolitan russian-norwegian friend leave to Phuestholing. I have met Alexander in down town in the western environment of Ambient coffe in one of the days we have been out for having some Dosa massala at Dussel hotel. During the tea break at the coffe we talked about the possibility we join for a trip the east of Bhutan. After that we become good friends I think a lot because we have quite a lot similar background and we actually share quite convergent thoughts and ideas about our life styles. Alex is also an engineer born in the turbulence of the east of European melting pot!
Well, the story I would like to share with you is not related to Alex particularly but to his long trips around Bhutan. In this kingdom life timings are quite different from the north of Europe, not so different when compared to the Mediterranean life style, but anyway if when you catch a bus from Thimphu the capital to the southern border shared with India you have to be prepared for inconveniences such as long term strikes or even car accidents… Roads are dangerous in Bhutan and as soon as you arrive to India you have to take into account that that is a region where there are ethnical conflicts. As a consequence we might take some extra days to move in the neighbor country and get awarded about possible strikes.
It was Wednesday morning when my friend left to Phuensholing for a long trip throughout India and Alex had the notion a rough way was waiting for him. We can mention for instance the long bus trip in the Bhutanese small sits without too much space for you to stretch your legs and also the young kids loudly singing Bhutanese Dzonka electronic music “that’s gonna be an hard trip man!” said Alexander. You have really to be patient to get the best from travelling in those countries, otherwise you will easily get sick…
The past week I have been working on to different development projects and also establishing new targets for my stay here in Bhutan. I am actually connected with two Portuguese travelers who are also fascinated by development cooperation work and we are now trekking a new path! I will come back to you later when we have something good to present.
It was Thursday afternoon when I facebooked Alex, actually we wrote me a message on the chat just reporting me that he was stocked in the Indian border because his visa was not valid for the 3st March!! “I was quite sure that in the beginning of this week I have been asking for a visa permit for the 1st March but now they I look at it and it is written 9th March, my god!!!
So, today Saturday I had lunch with some other expats and Alex, he is back in Thimphu and will stay until the next Tuesday in the Bhutanese capital. This morning we have been planning a trip to India since I am thinking to join him a relaxing trip to the west coast at the end of April. I will tell you later about this special trip to the supposed charming Portuguese India. 😉


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