Cultural integration & easy going communication

Really amazing the inact capacity of Bhutanese to communicate with foreigners. Besides their good english those people have an easy going way to be in life and they would naturally integrate you in their community!
Sometimes I am just sitted drinking tea at the caffe and someone comes to me and start to interact: “where do you come from?”, “how do you feel here?”, “how is it going bro?”. I can just say, my friends, this is a very special experience in a remote country in middle two of  the biggest ecomic giant nations of the world!

How is it possible a kingdom such as Bhutan preserve so well their easy going life style and cultural heritage? I hope they will continue keeping their roots in their minds and their local based economies, however, it looks the country´s economy is growing up as well as the living standards of people. That might bring more econmic dependence to the kingdom in a near future… Yesterday at lunch time, we just talked about the paradoxal mobility phenomenons that are happening across the world nowadays, on one hand, in the developing countries people is moving out from the urban areas to more relaxed spots and on the other hand, in the developing countries we can just see the opposite, young people is migratting to the biggest cities!

Looking for such demographic phenomenons we can understand that developing countries have now the opportunity to learn from the other´s mistakes and show to the world that it is possible to have a less materialist lifestyle in a more sustainable (than is being done in either the developed or in the so called “fast developing nations”), preserving the local culture and empowering people towards a more equal, balanced and happy society… I believe Bhutan can be a driver in such a development process!


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Low cost traveler and engineer learning and working with commuties around the world; Enjoy very much to meet different people and cultural exchange!
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